Vincas Stonys

Hi! I'm a software engineer from Vilnius, Lithuania. I finished my BE in Software Engineering in Vilnius University in 2018. My professional experience spans over 5+ years in projects varying from internal tools to complex large-scale applications used by millions. I focus on front-end development, but I'm comfortable working on full-stack too.

In my free time I practice the piano or do freestyle slalom skating. I follow figure skating scene, play video games, practice chess, study foreign languages and watch TV series. I also code as a hobby! If you'd like to work on something with me - send me an email.

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My Projects

highlight matching tag
Highlight Matching Tag

VSCode extension used by over 600,000 people. It finds matching markup tags in any code.
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App to create engaging videos for podcasts, music or audio clips which can be shared on social media.
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planning poker
Planning Poker

Real-time virtual collaborative environment for estimating tasks using planning poker method.
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I also do some open-source work in other projects: